We've been on hiatus for about six weeks - our real jobs have been killer! We are currently waiting on a new CNC router to be delivered before we make any new parts. Standard Anodized Aluminum Stratocaster and Telecaster Pickguards are still stocked, as well as Anodized Aluminum Esquire, Vintage Telecaster and Stratocaster HSS. We also have some Anodized Aluminum Stratocaster Backplates, Telecaster Control Plates and Switch Tip Knobs via specail requst. Everything else (including Anodized Aluminum Jazzmaster, Jaguar and Carbonita Pickguards) is on hold until the new machinery arrives. We are still alive, and we appreciate your patience. Cheers.



So we are working on some new stuff! We have a full line of Anodized Aluminum Esquire Pickguards coming out in the next week. They will feature five mounting holes and will be available in all of our specialty colors. The parts will retail for 65.99USD (subject to change).  

ANOTONE is putting the finishing touches on our Jazzmaster Pickguards - we have the prototypes in hand, and will hopefully have these ready for purchase in the next few weeks. An email will be sent out with information about a pre-sale, and the initial inventory will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. The Anodized Aluminum Jazzmaster Pickguard will retail for 81.99USD (subject to change).  

Check out this sweet artwork for our new T-Shirts by Doug MacDonald (You can check out some of his other stuff here):


Anodized Aluminum Jazzmaster Pickguards. AVRI 9-hole and 13-hole. They will be up in our store in ten days. Join the mailing list for updates. Cheers!