Our next product line is so obvious - it's an Aluminum Pickguard for the Fender Telecaster. This is the finest metal pickguard for the Telecaster on the market. We are 100000000% sure of it:

Aluminum Pickguards for Fender Telecaster Guitars.  Pre-anodize. 

Aluminum Pickguard for the Fender Telecaster: Bright Dip Anodized "Raspberry" 

It will come polished or brushed, and our customers will have twenty different colors to choose from. Here is one I did today - I checkered the timesaving to give it what I call a "corduroy" finish, and then I bright dip anodized it custom color "raspberry."  

These will be for sale in the next ten days. In the meantime, check us out on Instagram to see a video of this pickguard getting anodized - pretty sweet process! Keep it real!


This is the beginning of ANOTONE - a small, aftermarket guitar parts manufacturer located in Chicago, Illinois. We make aluminum guitar parts and we anodize them in the filthiest colors known to man. We are launching this site with our pickguards cut for Fender Stratocaster model guitars (the most beautiful guitar model on the planet). In the near future (est. 1 month) we plan on having the following anodized aluminum hardware for the Stratocaster: volume and tone knobs, back plates, neck plates, switch tips, tuners, and strap buttons. If you are a fan of the Telecaster, in the next 10 days we will have pickguards, knobs, and plates to offer.

These parts will be offered individually or in sets. Customers will also have the option of doing custom color combinations. 

Check out this color combo we call "thenah" - featured is a brushed, bright dip gold anodized pickguard, bright dip clear anodized volume and tone knobs, and a bright dip clear anodized switch tip. This was a custom build for a close friend of ANOTONE. Thanks for checking us out:

"thenah" - Fender Stratocaster loaded with brushed brass anodized pickguard (bright dip) and CNC precision machined aluminum knobs and switch tip.