ANOTONE is capable of supplying guitar builders and manufacturers with a wide variety of parts for their electric and acoustic guitar builds. Our background in architectural drawing and computer design enables us to work hands on with guitar makers to create custom parts out of a wide variety of materials. Although we specialize in Anodized Aluminum Hardware, we can cut and machine out of steel, brass, titanium, plastic, etc. We offer a number of services, including (but not limited to) CNC machining, laser cutting, forming, molding and stamping (high volume), aluminum anodizing (including bright dip and hardcoat), plating, laser etching and laser marking.

ANOTONE has full capacity for high volume orders - in fact, we prefer them! We can handle order sizes from 250 to 10,000 pieces at a time, in a wide variety of finishes and specifications. If you have an idea - we can make it for you!

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